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Mark Singer

Dog training - Dog Behaviour Modification - Dog Rehabilitation
Welcome to my website.
I have been working with and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 34 years. I am a former RAAF Police Dog and Drug Detector Dog Handler/Trainer, having served 12 years in that capacity. For the past 20 years since discharging from the RAAF my focus has been on dog behaviour modification and rehabilitation specialising in dog aggression and anxiety, and helping dog owners have well balanced and harmonious relationships with their dogs.
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Latest Blogs

24 June 2015
My dog is an 8 year old German Shepherd, named Bosco. I got him from a working line breeder when he was 8 weeks of age. Bosco is a very social dog aro...
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23 June 2015
There are many reasons that trigger on-lead aggression. We therefore need to understand the trigger and the underlying reason for the reaction before ...
217 Hits
21 June 2015
Haven't most of us been in in this situation? You have a very important appointment to get to and you are extremely anxious because you are running ve...
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19 June 2015
I originally posted this on my site on 8 Feb 2015. Reposting on my updated site. Miss Stilwell wrote a blog on her website recently about the spike in...
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18 June 2015
There is no such thing as a one method suits all methodology that is 100% successful. Many have asked me, what my actual methods and techniques for tr...
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16 June 2015
I have always preferred to avoid the term punishment when discussing dog training, due to its association for many as meaning anger or aggression. I h...
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This is a little thing I did for Totally Wild. I conducted 2 home consultations with Totally Wild filming them, both were aired on their TV program. I decided not to do anymore, as I didn't feel that a 4 minute edited version of a 2 hour plus consultation really conveyed all the information I passed on to the clients during my consult. I did however very much enjoy working with the crew from Totally Wild.


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