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Accredited professional dog trainer, & behaviour specialist

Dog training, behaviour modification & rehabilitation in Adelaide

Mark Singer

Hello, and welcome to my website

My name is Mark Singer. I have been working with, and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 34 years. I am a former RAAF Police Dog and Drug Detector Dog Handler/Trainer, having served 12 years working in that capacity. For the past 20 years (14 of those years in Adelaide) my focus has been on dog behaviour modification and rehabilitation, and helping dog owners have better and more fulfilling relationships with their dog. I am well known and respected throughout Australia for my knowledge on dog instincts, behaviour, and drives. My natural ability with dogs is well renowned, not only here in Adelaide, but throughout Australia. I am a highly regarded and respected dog trainer and behaviourist in Adelaide, and recommended by many Adelaide Vets, Breeders, Boarding Kennels, pet shops, and other dog related businesses, and also by my peers throughout Australia.

I now only operate my services on a part-time basis. This is not a full time job for me anymore. You could say I am semi-retired. I do hold regular group classes, and next year (2015) I will be holding a few puppy schools and workshops. I also do offer home consultations a few times a week. Home consultations can tend to get booked up fairly quickly due to my limited availablity. However I do my best to fit most in.

If the only way that you can control your dog or encourage correct behaviour is to carry a treat pouch around, then chances are you most probably don't have a well disciplined or well balanced relationship with your dog.

My approach

My approached is balanced, I do not believe in the theory of 'purely positive' or 'force free' only training. Dogs just like humans need discipline, guidance and leadership. Sure to encourage the right behaviours, our approach should be positive. However when necessary, to help extinguish certain unwanted behaviours (such as aggression), we may need to include aversives. A balanced approach to training and behaviour modification is required to have a well behaved and well balanced dog, We should never limit ourselves to believing there is a one method suits all mentality, as this only limits our ability to help our dogs.

Is your dog well balanced, stress and anxiety free?

picInviting me into your home for a couple hours will change the way you relate to your dog. You will be amazed at how simple it can be to have a well balanced and well behaved dog, that is a joy to own. Once we understand our dogs relationship with us from its point of view, and also understand how our thoughts, emotions, body language and general interaction affects ourdog, we can work on these to help ensure a more balanced and happier dog.. Which not only helps our dog, but also helps us have a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship with our beloved dog..

Strive for balance

Strive for balance in your dogs life. The saying "Too much of a good thing is bad for you", is most important when it comes to your dog.

To ensure we have the right balance when rewarding, we need to understand intent. Rewarding to often or at the wrong times can create expectation, and with expectation can come assertive and demanding behaviour.

Do we reward a child with a gift when it is demanded, even if the child has done good? Or do we first look more at the childs intent for doing good, before considering offering a reward?

Can you see examples where you maybe rewarding expectation, and thus reinforcing demanding and assertive behaviour in your dog?

Always understand intent, never just look at the actions. Does your dog work for you, or only for what it can get 'from' you?

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