“With 35 years working professionally full time with dogs, I would say I have helped more than 15,000 dogs and owners have better relationships. As a society we have become too reliant and obsessed with drugs, and this is now transferring to our dogs. Drugging our dogs, and other extreme measures should be a last resort. We need to get back to a more balanced and natural approach when relating to our dogs. The belief that we can solve everything with a treat and positive-only training is nonsensical, and this ideology is not providing the balance our dogs are looking for from us."

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Mark Singer

Dog training - Dog Behaviour Modification - Dog Rehabilitation
Welcome to my website.
I have been working with and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 34 years. I am a former RAAF Police Dog and Drug Detector Dog Handler/Trainer, having served 12 years in that capacity. For the past 20 years since discharging from the RAAF my focus has been on dog behaviour modification and rehabilitation specialising in dog aggression and anxiety, and helping dog owners have well balanced and harmonious relationships with their dogs.
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This is a little thing I did for Totally Wild. I conducted 2 home consultations with Totally Wild filming them, both were aired on their TV program. I decided not to do anymore, as I didn't feel that a 4 minute edited version of a 2 hour plus consultation really conveyed all the information I passed on to the clients during my consult. I did however very much enjoy working with the crew from Totally Wild.

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