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Mark Singer

Dog training - Dog Behaviour Modification - Dog Rehabilitation

I operate dog training and behaviour modification services in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.

I have been working with and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 34 years. I am a former RAAF Police Dog and Drug Detector Dog Handler/Trainer, having served 12 years in that capacity. For the past 20 years since discharging from the RAAF my focus has been on dog behaviour modification and rehabilitation specialising in dog aggression and anxiety, and helping dog owners have well balanced and harmonious relationships with their dogs.

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Latest Blogs

07 August 2015
My Soapbox
Blackmail (verb)to exact or attempt to exact (money or anything of value) from (a person) by threats or intimidation; extortto attempt to influence th...
1131 Hits
02 August 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
Quality time with your dog is such an important part of maintaining a strong bond. So many dog trainers still today believe that dogs shouldn't have p...
2702 Hits
24 July 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
It is important to teach your young dog to respect personal space and impulse control from a very early age. I find that most dog owners don't conditi...
1229 Hits
15 July 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
Imagine a world where there are no boundaries, nor consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Never being made to do things we don't want to ...
836 Hits
08 July 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
One of the biggest mistakes and probably the most damaging for your puppy or dog is not understanding the concept of punishment, when trying to exting...
3570 Hits
06 July 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
The graph on the left was taken from Victoria’s future in responsible canine guardianship website. I urge everyone to visit this site. This graph is t...
883 Hits
01 July 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
It concerns me greatly that this type of information is being disseminated to new puppy owners at puppy preschools run by vet surgeries, pet shops, an...
1288 Hits
24 June 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
My dog is an 8 year old German Shepherd, named Bosco. I got him from a working line breeder when he was 8 weeks of age. Bosco is a very social dog aro...
1139 Hits
23 June 2015
Dog Training & Behaviour
There are many reasons that trigger on-lead aggression. We therefore need to understand the trigger and the underlying reason for the reaction before ...
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